• No. 21

re·spire |/rəˈspī(ə)r/|
  1. to inhale and exhale air for the purpose of maintaining life; breathe.: "He lay back, respiring deeply."
  2. to undergo the process of respiration
  3. to breathe again in a relaxed or easy manner, as after stress or exertion: recover hope, courage, or strength after a time of difficulty. "The archduke, newly respiring from so long a war."


2015 Spring/Summer Collection

This collection is built for the blurred line between city and nature, and the people who thrive there.  We make clothing for those with a respect for what exists and a vision for what could be. We make clothing for those who find home here, there, and in between. We are comfortable riding the balance.

Let’s make clothing for the journey